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The Doctor and Nurse by TsukinoSakura The Doctor and Nurse :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0 May I Offer You This Rose? by TsukinoSakura May I Offer You This Rose? :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0 Homestuck by TsukinoSakura Homestuck :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0 Why, Hello There by TsukinoSakura Why, Hello There :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 1 5 Pandora Hearts by TsukinoSakura Pandora Hearts :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 2
Broken, No More
Look it up; what do you find?
A meaning within a meaning,
Adjective, fractured, damaged,
Hopeless, despairing
Broken, can't you see?
We've all got a broken heart, soul, maybe even a mind.
How well it is hidden, this broken soul.
How well is it hidden, one wonders?
A family broken
By lies and deceit
Has broken the mind of an innocent.
She shakes her head, laughing
Pretending to not see
But, she's hiding her tears
And whispers "this cannot be".
She has taken to lying, to herself and to others
But she refuses to see the lies said by others.
She says "Maybe they don't mean it"
Those words that sound harsh to her ears.
And yet, when she hears them again, she bursts into tears.
Friends confuse her, but they also frighten her.
She's scared of the words that they speak
And believes
That they're lying.
She shakes her head, laughing
And assures herself that she's silly
For how can they harm her?
Her family has done enough damage.
She's seen friends come and go
"It's like the change
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0
I Hate You I Hate You I Love You
From a distance, I’ve watched you cause ruin. I have watched you ruin your friends, your family, and even the people that love you. Every day, I have seen the ruin you have caused. Every day, I see the Aesir lose their trust in you. Am I among those who will soon learn to distrust you?
I hate you
Your greatest crime came into play and how did you act? Were you remorseful? Quite the contrary. Did you feel regret? I do not think you ever will. Did you feel sadness? Are you even capable of it? You saw your sons die today, did you not? Did you feel anything for them? Does their blood stain your hands? Oh, yes. I have blamed you for their deaths. Blamed. But, now, I am not so sure who to “blame”.
I hate you
I stay with you, in this cave under the earth, holding a bowl above your head to catch the poison dripping from that snake, left here by Skadi. I refuse to look at your bonds, for you and I both know what these bonds were made from. I refuse to look at you
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0
This Can't Be Happening to Me
Hey, Alice?
Yes, Alfred?
Promise me that we'll get married when I come back?
… Of course, Alfred, I promise.

It's been nearly 4 months since that day, and two weeks since I turned 18. I was driving to the local church, dressed in my white wedding dress. I had a sad smile on my face as I got closer and closer to the church. I was nervous, so nervous. How would I feel once I stepped through those doors? I looked over at the passenger seat and took a good look at the items there. There was a box of letters, a bouquet and another box containing coins and a simple shoe.
Something borrowed; something blue, I thought to myself as I parked right outside the church. My boyfriend was fighting in that dreadful war in the Middle East. It was all a waste of time, really. Nothing had really been resolved, even after nearly two years of fighting. I shook my head and picked up the bouquet of flowers, which were right next to the box of letters. I took a deep breath and attempted to gain th
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 3 3
Another Waterfall by TsukinoSakura Another Waterfall :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0 Waterfall by TsukinoSakura Waterfall :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 2
Mature content
Untitled Because Yes :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 0
Title Is Too Long
She stood outside a cafe in the middle of south San Francisco; the cold air causing a shiver to run through her body. She wapped herself up tighter in her coat and looked down at her clock. 6:30 PM. He had promised that he would be there at 5. But, alas, he wasn't here. She sighed and pulled out her phone. She could have easily used the phone to tell her the time, but she prefered her watch. It still reminded her that she could go back to the old days before the use of needless technology. No new text messages from him. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, but she pushed them back down and shoved her phone back into her pockets. It had been over an hour and a half and still no word from him? This was ridiculous! She might as well head on home and spend the rest of her evening alone, as usual. She brought up the collar on her coat and then shoved her hands inside her pockets, shielding them from the bitter cold air from the bay. She started to walk in the direction of her condo. All a
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 2 0
It Can't Be True
Cover my eyes
Cover my ears
Tell me these words are a lie
He couldn't be going. He can't be going. He can't go, to that terrible war in the east. To Stalingrad. To die. The tears that were threatening to fall before when I heard the terrible news now fall unchecked from my eyes, now that I find myself alone in my bedroom that I share with my older brother. But now, my eldest brother, who is now 18 years old, is leaving us. And chances are, he won't be coming back to us. I cannot help it. The sorrow is too much for me to handle. How could they force a man of 18 to go to war? Don't they know that he has a younger sister, who just recently turned 15? Don't they know that she doesn't want her brother to go? No. They can't possibly know. They are horrible men. Men who claim to be doing what is "best for Germany". Stripping away a person's right, with the intention of keeping Germany peaceful. Such lies. These men, that call themselves the Nazis only do it for their own selfish reason. I hat
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 2 5
18th of August by TsukinoSakura 18th of August :icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 3 2
Lament of a Broken Heart
Once upon a time
We used to be great friends.
We talked with each other.
We shared a lot of laughs together.
We even had a couple of rants here and there.
What happened to those times?
Do they mean nothing to you?
Am I just a friend you can easily toss aside?
I thought I knew you
Better than anyone else.
Now I can't say that anymore.
I've watched you change.
I've seen a new you.
It scared me.
I pushed you away, attempting to save myself from that fear.
Did I end up pushing you too far back?
I know I did. And I'm not sorry for it.
Not anymore.
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 1 0
Blossoming Love Prologue Pt. 1
January 5th
Today is the anniversary of when I first met him. Who is he, you ask? Well, how about I start from the beginning. My mother said that it was Nana Lusty's fault that I was born a bit too early. She said that Nana was talking about how she would like to see my mother and father's spawn. It must have been the way she said it because I came around soon after. All I truly remember from that day was that I was cold. My mother said that Uncle Sora, Aunt Sheska, Nana Lusty and Auntie Rose helped bring me into this world, if they weren't screaming at each other or fainting at random moments. According to my mother, it was Nana who was screaming and Auntie Rose was fainting. And I wonder how anything ever got done. Oh dear, I was rambling again, wasn't I? Well, I guess I really should explain how I met the worst and the best guy of my life. Okay, I'll explain what happened before so everyone can understand the type of girl I was back when I was five years old. On Januar
:icontsukinosakura:TsukinoSakura 0 3


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